My name is Jonathan Holowka and this is my personal website and blog. You may be wondering why the blog is called “Byeka”. That is because my last name is pronounced [hello-ka] and [good-byeka] is its opposite. It’s one of several ways I learned to introduce myself that leaves a more memorable impression. Most of the time people think I’m only mildly crazy as a result.

For my professional life I hold a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management with a major in Human Resources and a Minor in business law from Ryerson University in Toronto. At the current moment I am working for Keystone Steam Supplies in Mississauga where I do everything from the HR, to marketing and IT, having recreated the website and managing the various social media applications.

I am also a member of Goodyear Toastmasters, a non-corporate Toastmasters club (despite it’s name, no-one there works for Goodyear) in Etobicoke. I have been a member there since April 10, 2010 and am currently serving as the VP Membership and Webmaster. I have earned the Competent Communicator designation (which means I have completed my initial 10 speeches) and am working on two advanced manuals called Speaking to Inform and Humourously Speaking.

Much of this blog is likely to be about social media and that isn’t necessarily what I originally planned to do with it, it just seemed to turn out that that’s something I seem to be fairly knowledgeable about. Everything I know in the subject has been self taught out of a combination of necessity and curiosity. It started with my Youtube channel where I would upload videos I created (I do special effects as a hobby) and has expanded to encompass more and more social media outlets over time. I helped to co-present a 75 minute workshop at the Toastmasters District 60 conference on November 12, 2011 on social media because of these interests.

If you wish to contact me directly, please send me an email.